Girlguiding at Birmingham Pride 2019

>>  Thursday, May 30, 2019

It's been 2 years since I went to Birmingham Pride.  I went in 2015 and 2016 and had an amazing time and was so proud to represent Girlguiding as the all inclusive organisation we are.  And then I read something putting across a case that straight people shouldn't be there, that it infringes on the space set aside for the communities it represents.  This worried me, I didn't want to make others feel uncomfortable in their own space and so I stayed away, but I missed it.

So this year I decided to go, I want to let all members of Guiding know that know matter who they are I will accept them and I will do everything I can to ensure they feel equal and welcome.  I can do that by standing proud and letting everyone see that there are many (hopefully all) people in Girlguiding that feel this way.

Previously we met at the stall in the Village but this year we weren't having a stand as the layout has been changed, Pride is growing and changing.  So we met at Trefoil House.

I set to with rolling neckers and glittering up.

But all the rainbows and glitter in the world would not stop me looking like a commissioner so I changed out of my uniform shirt and into the familiar 'Girls Can' t-shirt that has almost become pride uniform!

The Scouts were in the square when we got there ready to start the parade, with their usual balloons and stilt walkers

The Knife Angel Statue was in Victoria Square. The National Monument against Violence and Aggression.

Last minute touches were made to costumes.

Some were perfect for the occasion and the weather.
The effort people put in is amazing.
And the heels they walk such a long way in, I am always in awe of.

The time and effort people take is fantastic.

Perfect hair, perfect make-up.
We did not compare but we marched loud and proud.

I'm so pleased I went again.

I didn't go into the event itself this year.  I would in a group of friends but alone in the past I did feel a bit out of place, I was watching rather than 'in the moment'.  So this time I caught the train straight back home.

But bursting with the fun of it all and proud to be supporting such a great event.


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