Cleeve Hill

>>  Wednesday, June 05, 2019

 It was already the promise of a beautiful day as we started out at Ullenwood
 There were endless fields of Garlic in the woodland
 We headed east to Cobberly
 And then headed north on the Gloucestershire Way

We saw a slow worm.  About 2 foot long.  It is a legless lizard not a  worm or a snake, but whatever it was snakey enough to make me step back!
We walked on the Cotswold Way

 Through a lot of woodland
 and finally up onto a ridge and the beautiful views became a permanent feature.
 They just got better and better

 You could see for miles
 There is a lot of walking to be done around here, it really is lovely.
 We continued to climb
 rewarded by views at every turn

 The lands were well managed all along the route.

 We were a trickle of walkers along the ridge through Cleeve Common
Until we got to the Rising Sun at Cleeve Hill.

10/10 for the walk 0/10 for the pub.

Another lovely day in great company.

Joining this hill walking club was one of the best things I have done in recent years,  I enjoy it so much.

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