Birmingham Guiding Pride - Girls can be Proud

>>  Sunday, May 24, 2015

I was so lucky to be accepted as a volunteer to be a Guiding spokes person at Birmingham Pride.  An early start and train to help set the stall up and it looked great.

It was complete with our own little rainbow baby and his mummys.

There were many people that made a real effort to dress to fit in for the day.

This person was absolutely charming, so polite trying to get those wings through crowds of people.

It was a really lovely atmosphere.  We gave out so many Girlguiding badges, stickers and wristbands.  There were 100s of people walking around wearing our logo.

People were happy to come into our area in a whole row of charity stalls because we weren't asking for anything,  We were just having fun, giving out stuff, encouraging them to write 'girls can .... ' slogans which we pegged around our stall.

The parade, and the whole area, had many stereo types: some serious with it, some not so.

The parade was bright and loud.

I may have had my favourite of the floats.

Everybody was happy to be part of the party, including the National Trust Back to Back volunteers.

It was a fantastic experience I am really proud to have been a part of.


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