>>  Friday, December 21, 2018

 The day started in mizzle somewhere near Hathersage and the weather forecast was for downpours but not cold, about 7C, even though this was our December walk.

I'd been umming and ahhing about what coat to wear: storm proof unlined or the lined waterproof.

I opted for lined water proof.
 But it turned out to be a mistake, I was hot.

In fact despite the mizzle I went down to long sleeved t-shirt with short sleeved t-shirt over and ploughed on.
 But the on and off rain was soaking into the cotton t-shirt so I put on my 'fleece' which sheds water quite well, but I was hot again.

I tried long sleeved t-shirt and fleece.

 But I was getting soaked, so I moved to long sleeved t-shirt and coat and stayed that way for the rest of the day.
 I had my water proof over trousers on right from the outset and even though duckboards were around in places they were still wet and muddy above gaiter level.

 We went up and down a lot, it is a hill walking club after all! But I actually paid very little attention to where we were and we only went through one village the whole day.

 At times we had to come off the path and find ways around some drops, they were just too steep and slippy to be safe.  I think the first few hard rains after the dry summer were just laying on top of the ground making the dying back heather, bracken and the exposed mud a skating rink.
 The light was dying by the time the decision about win hill needed to be taken, we decided not to do it and walk further along the reservoir instead to make up the distance,
 It was nice, although it was shame not to 'do' the last big hill, hopefully I will 'bag it' another day.
 There was hardly any water in the reservoir at all.
 Fingers crossed for a wet winter or we will be in trouble next summer.

And the light went just as we made it to the pub at Ladybower.

A nice walk, with a really good walk leader, she has a good pace and an easy manner that suits me well.

Oh yes, and I came home and bought a new coat to see if I can find a happier medium!


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