Too many shoes (Bartholomew Cubbins)

>>  Sunday, February 10, 2019

I have a shoe problem, I've always had a shoe problem.   Since I've had my back problem I rarely wear heels anymore so the pile of heels has been replaced by flats but running shoes is becoming an issue.

Over Christmas I picked up a pair of speedcross trail runners. (They are my go to running shoe and they had price dropped) When I put them in the cupboard they went straight next to a pair exactly the same that I have not worn yet.  I had forgotten I'd bought them ready for when I throw away a worn out pair.

What I realised at that point was that it is actually road runners I needed, so off to the running shop I went to get a proper gait analysis done (again) to be sure I was getting a good style for me.

As I tried to find a spot to put them in the cupboard I realised this is my 11th pair of running shoes in there.

Eleven.  FFS.

The problem is I just don't throw away the wearing down ones and I buy the new ones too early.

I'm wondering if like Bartholomew my 500th pair will be more Jimmy Choo.


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