>>  Monday, February 04, 2019

 It was a grey January day but dry and warm  (for January) as we headed out of Matlock towards Jughole Woods (I really need to know how these places got their name!)

Down towards Bonsall.

 And back north to Winster
 This is ex-mining country so there are plenty of old shafts around, you need to be careful.
 But the views were good.
 On the Limestone Way
 It was a lot of uphill to get to see them.
 Luntor Rocks (Another name I would like to know more about)
 We had lunch in the church yard in Winster.  I sat on a tomb stone, it was an old unmarked one and I said thank you to its occupant.  Is it wrong to sit on a tomb?
 Onto Wensley
 The paths had a lot of fallen trees on them and very boggy patches
 The light was lovely
 The hills remained steep
 we were close to Snitterton and Oaker

And back into Matlock.

12 miles with a lot of elevation. 

It was another good walk.


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