Conwy and Beddgelert

>>  Friday, September 28, 2018

After our stop off in Stoke to see the poppies we carried on until Conwy. The original plan had been to go straight to Snowdon and start walking but the weather was just too bad. So once we had decided to give up our plans to the weather, the rain dutifully stopped!

Conwy was alright though.

We had a walk down by the harbour where velour tracksuits and Merseyside accents were plentiful.

And a walk along the city walls.
It's free and has great views
There is a large castle to visit which I suspect I went to years ago as I had a massive sense of deja vu everywhere.
Even here.
We drove on to Beddegelert and the water running down the hills showed how much it had been raining.
The river was running fast.
There is a legend of gelert which resulted in a living baby and a dead dog, sad tale.
There's a steam train.

And a walk through Aberglasyn,  a place I only knew about because Cog was adamant once she would not go on the school trip that went there for a week.  I could see that it wouldn't have suited her.
It suited me just fine.

We didn't walk too far, just a couple of miles before turning back to the car as we had a big day ahead of us the next day.


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