>>  Wednesday, October 10, 2018

 With the last excursion I went up a group to 12 miles and 2000' but the group leader was not too inclined to keep the group together and I found it anxiety inducing.

So this time I plumped for a different group, with a predicted 13.5 miles and 2400'
 We started off fairly fast but had a long term member of the group coming back from injury which I suspect brought the pace down a bit, I was grateful for small mercies, if sorry for her pain.
 We walked from Tissington,
 Down to the river Dove
 We crossed the Dove (you see the bridge, and stepping stones at the bottom of the hill in the picture) and then a big climb up.
 We went through Alstonefield.

There was an honesty box jam sale in a field on the walk, it wasn't anywhere near a road so I guess there is high traffic in walkers on these paths.
 On to Wetton
 By Ladyside Wood, a National Trust owned area.
 With Thor's cave in the distance
 The rolling hills led us towards Grindon and down to Waterhouses.

So it ended up being a 15 mile walk, but as it was rolling hills rather than one very large one, as has been the case with a few recent walks) it really didn't feel so bad.

A lovely day and great weather, about 21C and a light breeze.


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