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>>  Saturday, June 16, 2018

 I love my fluff balls and HWMBO and I have worked hard looking after them properly.  But when Cog was taken into hospital we both knew we couldn't care for them.   Rabbits need a lot of time to look after them properly, you can't just sling a bowl of food at them when you get in or leave a huge pile of biscuits to last a day like you can with a cat.  A cat may give you a filfthy look, a telling off and leave you a half eaten bird to prove a 'how dare you not be here when I woke up from my 20 hour nap' point but rabbits have temperamental digestive systems and need consistency of when they are fed and the correct types of food.  The need cleaning out properly.  They are a high maintenance pet, more like a dog but without the love feedback!

For the first few weeks of hospital visiting I put the rabbits into the place we use when we go on holiday, but it was already becoming clear Cog's need for a high level of care was going to be long term and I couldn't leave the rabbits where they were long term.

I put some feelers out in a rabbit forum and a lovely family on the east coast came to our rescue.  They run a rescue for rabbits with families in precisely our predicament.

They came with a trailer and took the entire run set up and hutch, so they would move with all their own stuff.

 We'd invested a lot of time, money and effort into getting this environment right for them.  I'd still got grand plans of how I was going to improve it over the summer, make it more winter proof etc.  It was as hard watching this all go as it was the rabbits.

As  quickly as that it was like they'd never been there. 

The garden feels big and empty.

They sent pictures of them in their hutch after the journey.  They looked pretty fed up to me.  But they assured me they are doing just fine.

I've messaged them a few times to check on how they are doing and it seems they are happy and not pining in the slightest.  I sent them off with a lot of hay and bedding.  I'm going to send them some more.

But I keep dreaming about them.  I can honestly say I don't miss the going out in all weathers to look after them.  I don't miss the rush around after work to sort them out.  But I miss them.  I do miss them even without the garage being full of bales of hay and straw trailing through the house.  I miss them.

They were my fur babies.

They loved each other though and what they need is to be together, they won't care who puts the food in front of them.

But they were my little cuties.

With big eyes

 and big ears.

And a trail of currents where ever they roamed,

I miss them.


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