Park Run 2

>>  Friday, June 22, 2018

You might remember that a while back I did my first parkrun and I wondered if I would be able to run as well again on a second without the fear factor adrenalin.  I finally did my second parkrun and solved the adrenalin issue by doing it at a different venue.

More seriously though,  the guy that took me to my first parkrun was going to the one at Rutland Water and asked if I wanted to go along.  It is too nice a place not to go.

It was a misty but warm morning and more importantly it was still.  This run goes out over the causeway and I bet running it in the wind wouldn't be easy.

I'm not as fit as I was a while ago as running was put on hold for about 6 weeks whilst Cog was at her worst and I'm only just starting to get time to myself to come back to it.  But I beat my last time...probably because this is a faster course. But all the same a PB is a PB and I'm taking that!


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