Rabbit Bonding Part 2

>>  Friday, February 10, 2017

 So after a fortnight of play dates, toy swaps and the odd cage swaps I decided that they were ready.

I scrubbed Florence's cage right through.
 I closed off the outside run, put double everything in.
 And went for it.
 Florence was not made up about it
Pleeeeeeeease let me out.

Jack started humping again.

It seems to be a common theme that each time the environment changes he has to assert himself.

I watched it play out for a few hours, they weren't fighting but I was worried that Florence would lose her temper with being constantly chased or mounted in the end.
But I wasn't ready to give up, my guess was, if the same pattern played out,  that the next time they went in together they would be fine.

I didn't want to keep splitting them up but I couldn't trust them alone.

There was only one thing for it, back inside for a play date.

 and sleep over.
 For all of us!

I made a bed up on the floor and decided to supervise them through the night.
 And being back on neutral ground they were happy together again.

Rabbits don't sleep much, they played most of the night.
 But I loved every second of being hopped on constantly and being woken up by this each time I snoozed.
 In fact they were shattered in the morning.
But back into the cage they went, and I was right, they settled down.

For the next two nights I slept with the bedroom window open over the cage so I would hear any scuffles but they have been fine.

They are still confined to the cage only, no run yet.  Small steps still but it feels like the biggest one.


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