>>  Friday, April 20, 2018

I've not got a lot of confidence when it comes to running.  Despite the fact that I've been running for years, imposter syndrome oozes out of my sweaty pores.

I regularly search 'jogging or running' on the internet.  My run style is bad, I Pheobe flick my feet and don't lift my knees properly.

So I run in muddy fields alone,  on tow-paths out of the way of anyone else.

But someone I go to an exercise class with has been politely asking me to go to Parkrun with them for a while now,  every time they go they offer me a lift and ask me to come...everytime.  He was so right, it was exactly the gentle sort of nudging I need and finally I went with him.

I finished mid-field, a respectable 26:53 for a 5k.  It's not fast but it is the time of someone that is fairly fit.  I'm extra proud of myself.

What a great guy to take me along and show me the ropes. I did it, I got a place and a finish time.  That makes me a runner, right?!

I think a second time will be harder, the adrenaline won't be pumping with nervousness in the same way.  I wonder if I will go again?!


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