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>>  Monday, May 14, 2018

You might remember I was rather fed up that my January camp out was cancelled.  Well, I arranged it for April and as it turned out for the weekend when it suddenly turned very hot.

So the car was packed up again

Transferred to a trolley and dragged up a muddy hill under a hot sun.
 And my favourite bed was laid out.  I'd rather be under canvas, but you can't beat these pods for one night convenience.
I must have been the first to want an open fire up there this season as the fire was still under the cover of the shelter.  I had to move it from the shelter to it's place on the field.  Oh my word it was heavy,  I went for the roll method but actually lifting it to tip it was the heaviest thing I have done in years, I was wondering if my back would just collapse but to be honest I just didn't know what else to do

But once it was there, the fire was started on one match and it was camp a-go-go.

Did I mention I had no rangers going along, only leaders and the best type of leaders, old friends.
With the fish and chips delivered (by HWMBO) and the sun (and wine) going down
It was a perfect evening of chatter (and smores)
and the position was resumed the next morning
And with the fire still smouldering, the sun rising and brown sauce and bacon slapped on the bread I was in camp heaven for a while.


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