Camp Woes

>>  Tuesday, January 30, 2018

I'm part of a group of leaders that used to lead together but don't anymore, some are still leaders, some aren't but we all like each other so we meet up once in a while.

At some point we agreed to sleep in a field together because that's what guiders like to do. So I suggested my annual January sleepout would be fun and booked it.

Because I was going to be in a field anyway I invited my Rangers and a few of them wanted to come too so we had 11 people wanting to come.  Excellent.

Then in true Ranger style: one forgot she had even showed interest and wasn't interested anymore, one was very apologetic when she found out a parent had booked for her to be somewhere else at that time.  Ok, 9 people is still good and I started to get kit out of my attic.

One Ranger suddenly realised she was already on a camp that weekend with her international group, so only one Ranger was left coming..awkward...I gave her the choice but but one under 18 would be difficult and I was relieved that she chose to drop out...and then there were 7.  But that's fine - all adults will be fun.

I got more kit ready and set up all the paperwork needed to get permission to do a guiding residential that involves risk assessments, forms to commissioners, home contacts, key code collections etc  I went food shopping 2 days before the event.

One leader came to see me at home to let me know she could not sleepover for a reason that even I, with my hardy field soul, would not camp for, so we were 6 but I twisted her arm to visit on the evening for chips!

I spotted another leader had left a message in the WhatsApp group to say she had been ill with a cold and didn't think being in the cold air would do her any good.  So we were 5.

Another leader left a message to say she also wasn't feeling great but would make a decision on the day of the camp whether she would come or not. 4?  Ok,  4 is still ok.

On the evening before camp I got a phone call from another leader asking why the campsite gate was locked and we weren't there.....because it's tomorrow, all your paperwork and emails said it was tomorrow.  Oh yes so they do, sorry, can't do tomorrow though.  3.

So by now I've had enough.  I take a decision and call it off.

I spend a few more hours putting away what had been gotten out and trying to work out how much money I had spent that couldn't be clawed back so I could work out what to refund everyone.  And I admit I had a bit of a cry (but in my defence there's been a lot a crap happening at work and home and it was just a last straw)

As it turns out the snow came in, and whilst I know the 3 of us that were still planning on going are the hardy sort and seasoned campers, I was semi relieved not to be driving home in it from the camp site.

So now I am trying to find a new date that suits 7 adults with not a lot of zest for it to be honest. My sweet spot for an outdoors sleepover is January, I think the months after that tend to be wet and miserable so I'm inclined to hold off until September!  I'll let you know how it goes.


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