Nail polish flowers

>>  Monday, February 05, 2018

This was a craft the Rangers did during our movie night

Start with a length of  wire about 12 inches. (I used 0.8mm 20 gauge Aliminium silver wire.)

Wrap it around a pen and leave a tail

wrap 4 more times

twist your short tail around the long end and then pass the long end through your loops

and twist it to the twisted part again

squish your loops a little to make then more petal shaped and spread them out to be petals

I found this took a bit of fiddling. The rangers were much better at it than me!

dip in wood glue
turning it for a little while to even it out seemed to help, not for long just enough to let it start to set.

leave it to dry. (The pc hardware area at my work gave me packaging blocks, they were perfect with one labelled one per girl)
Overnight to glue dried clear, so a two night meeting craft.

Then paint with one coat of nail varnish.

I few people have told me if you make the petals small enough you can dip into nail varnish and skip the glue stage.  I think the glue is going to make it a bit more fail safe but maybe another time we will give that a go too.

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