Rangers Come Dine With Me Night

>>  Sunday, February 11, 2018

At the start of year planning they chose to do a 'come dine with me' night, I printed off some score sheets for points out of 10 for Taste and also out of 10 for Presentation and basically crossed my fingers that they would deliver.

Only one Ranger totally forget to bring anything.  One came with evening meal risotto leftovers because her parents would allow her to cook anything else but you can't blame a girl for her parents!

I was totally distracted as I decided to use the night to get some badge admin done, so I was not on the camera ball.  But the Salmon, cheese and horseradish canapes looked lush.

 The homemade to 'grandma's secret recipe'  trifle I ate and it  was outstanding - I would have given it a 9 and 10 if I had been scoring.  I did however forget to take photo before I ate - food blogger I will never be!

One ranger did a nice meal of halloumi and salad followed by fruit and cream - nice meal but she did mention that she'd emptied her family fridge of the food without telling them!!  Her mum is a guide leader, I'm looking forward to asking her what she got for dinner that night being as we were eating the planned meal!!

Two rangers got together and made homemade cherry pie and cream - with guiding trefoil decorations - great effort.

And the winner was home made spiced biscuits with a chocolate ganache - I seriously tried to get to this one to take a pre photo - Rangers are rather vulture like when it comes to chocolate though!!!

I think they did a really good job of the night.  They all enjoyed it, and really got into it.  For those that made an effort it will cover a phase 1 independent living octant...just to add a bit more to my admin!


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