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>>  Wednesday, January 24, 2018

I wanted a new walking challenge for 2018, so I joined a hill walking club my friend is part of to give it a try.

It was an early Sunday morning start, at an hour my night owl body considered to be extremely rude, and the car needed ice scraping off it to get to the bus.  I was actually really nervous about looking a complete idiot with the wrong kit and not having a clue about the whole 'process'.  The concept of a bus boot stop was alien terminology to me. But I got there and we started.

There were 5 levels of walks to be chosen, at different distances and heights.

 I decided to start at level 1 to get a taste and also to be able to spend time with my friend.

We headed up hill as the sun was coming over it.
Leaving Haddon Hall behind.

We walked over hills.
We walked in valleys.
Along roads running with water like a stream.  Where the sun hadn't melted the ice, we were skating on the roads.

It was really nice to get out into a different landscape. And a lot of the people were really interesting to talk to along the way.

Because it was the shorter walk, we were fairly slow (fairly) so there was plenty of opportunity to chat as we went along.

Whilst the walk leader, and other experienced walkers, followed the maps, I just pootled along taking photos as often as I was prepared to take my gloves off for.

It was absolutely freezing, but at least it was dry.  Lovely walking weather really.
And we walked until the sun had decided it had just about had enough of the day.

Which was perfect as it left us an hour in the pub before the bus took us home.

My fit-bit registered just over 10 miles, I was good with that.  I think it starts to become hard work much after 10.

I signed up for the next walk on the bus on the way home so hopefully this is the start of a grand adventure and who knows   I might even make level 2

But if one friendly walker sticks to level one how will I ever know how he collated the data off his raspberry pi from the temperature and humidity sensors he has recently placed in the new drying room he has built? (These retired folks have a lot of time on their hands!!) And before you think I am being sarcastic, I'm not, I REALLY want to know how he collected and collated the data!


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