It's all about Driving with Rangers

>>  Sunday, May 14, 2017

Rangers are of the age where driving becomes a thing.

So, thanks to an idea from another Senior Section Leader in a forum,  they had a night all about driving:

They split into rotating groups.

They did hazard perception tests, I downloaded the DVSA hazard perception app on ipad for £1.99 and this ran fine without any internet connection for them.  They really enjoyed doing it, some were much better than others and this is actually part of the driving theory test, so a good introduction for them.

I printed out theory test multiple choice questions for them to have a go on  (and gave them a copy of the highway code to find the answers)

They came up with road safety top tips for different categories of road user

And the favourite for them all, they had a remote control mini, they set up a course with red spotty plate roundabouts, chair leg bridges, table leg corners and sent the car around it.  All I'm saying about their driving abilities is: the superglue was required when the car came home!!!

They really enjoyed the night and it counts a a section for level 1 independent Living on the Octants.


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