Another Brighton Sojourn

>>  Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Cog loves it down in Brighton.

Sometimes you just need to stand somewhere that makes you feel calm and happy.
Mostly, I fail to see how Brighton is a calming place but it is (mostly) jolly nice and these days anything that makes Cog happy is a blessing for me.
So I go along for the ride (or extended periods of queuing on the M25) and for the fact that my purse holds a number of credit cards.
We hired bikes on the beach front and went for a lovely long ride.  It was nice and flat and cycle paths all the way.  We were mostly just happy to have pretty coloured bikes and baskets. The commuters riding bikes (with gears) at 10 times our pace at getting home on a Friday time were probably not quiet so impressed but they were all polite, bless them.
Something happened that I thought would never happen again, and whilst it had a knock on effect to the rest of the weekend, it was good at the time.
The pier relieved my pockets of a substantial amount of pound coins.
But there is always the beach to walk along once your pockets are light again.

We had a disappointing walk around the University of Sussex, which seems to have been designed by a 1960s NHS architect.

So we went back to enjoy some John Nash.

We also 'enjoyed' Sweaty Betty, Super Dry and Jack Wills to the point where I was starting to wonder if I was spending as much as the Prince Regent.
Luckily the shops shut and the pier will always be a magnet to any penny in a pocket.

And there is a joy to be had in blowing bubbles won into the sunset.

It's a funny old place, sometimes so busy and bustling

and sometimes so empty.

Time to sit and ponder.

(Although I sometimes wonder why we sit and ponder life on the beach on the Sunday morning when if we don't leave pronto we will be doing it sat on the M25, but that is a drivers lot.)


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