Leicestershire Round Round 2 (River Valleys)

>>  Friday, May 19, 2017

After the first section for varying reasons I went straight to section then 7 then section 5 , well I finally made it back to section 2

I followed pages 17-27 of the new guidebook, had no issue with it (except a rather confusing 'Pylons on your left' moment on page 26) and needed no other maps

Starting where Section 1 finished in Mountsorrell

we headed straight into the Waterside Inn for a loo stop! (I recommend stopping here properly for a drink and snack, it looked lovely and really nice staff)
I'd not been looking forward to this leg because of the amount of water and wetlands it goes through, but the land was dry and it turned out to be lovely.

I assume the chevrons were for the boats not the walkers but all the same we took heed and slowed down!

The route has changed and you no longer have to cross the busy A6.  It goes underneath.

Do you remember we saw the happiest tractor ever in round 7?  Well Herbie turned up for round 2!!
The walk passes through Cossington village.
But then you have to cross 4 lanes of the incredibly fast A46.  It was hard enough with a dog, I wouldn't fancy it with children.
You pass through a few gardens.
Some are very keen to make sure you go through them the right way!

These houses are mostly old water mills and absolutely gorgeous.
We crossed the first of the railway crossings.
Not for the faint hearted at any time.
And into Rearsby Village where John Wesley spoke.
One of us went over the pack horse bridge and the rest of us paddled through the ford.
Then another Railway crossing,
More back gardens to pass through, some people have very nice back yards!!
And into Hoby.

It's like being in a tourist place around here,but without all the tourists!
Then we headed into the jungle

To yet another Railway crossing
And finally into Frisby-on-the-Wreake.

It was a nice 11 miles, a pleasant walk in good company.


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