Leicestershire Round Round 5 (The Langtons)

>>  Saturday, April 22, 2017

So after having done round stages 1 and 7, for varying reasons I choose stage 5 next!

This is a beautiful part of the county.

It started in Hallaton.

Although we guessed it would not be plain sailing all the way, especially with a dog.

The first 3 miles past Cranoe then Glooston were pleasant walking and the instructions in the new 2017 book were easy to follow.

After Stonton Wyville it got fairly hilly and it had not been flat before that.   Leicestershire is not all flat.

But the views were worth the climb.

The bottom of the hill into Thorpe Langton was muddy beyond ankle depth but at least was not wet, just gloopy!

Some of the road signs were good clues

And spot on

East Langton had some interesting sights

This stone in the middle of a field just outside the village says "Lottery Feb 21st 1886" It is Probably there to remember a horse that won the Grand National in 1839.

After here though the going got pretty tough for a while with Railway lines and 2 major roads to manage,

But then it was a clear path all the way to Foxton.

A good 10 miles.


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