What a role model's boobs look like

>>  Friday, April 28, 2017

I stumbled on across this book cover and immediately thought: that's the way to get your kit off and not undermine a generation of women that have fought hard to not been seen as a pair of tits before a capable person.

I looked her up:  Sally Kettle was the first woman to row the Atlantic Ocean twice from East to West.  She is a role model and recognises it.

Even her naked photos (you are so going to follow that link aren't you, go ahead it's safe) didn't shift the respect I had.

Strong, capable, fit, determined, self aware. 

I bring up this point because I recently lost my respect for Emma Watson.

Remember Emma, the one that cares a lot about gender equality.

 But fails to recognise her responsibility towards girls (literally) dying in their attempts to look like her.
Maybe she is a a victim of Hollywood but this photo does not scream of something I want any generation of girls to aspire to be.

"just take your bra off love"
"well it will sell more copies"

She let us down.


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