Leicestershire Round Round 7 (The Peatlings)

>>  Monday, April 17, 2017

What happened to round 2-5 I here you cry! Yes, I know I did Round 1 The Charnwood section and then I went quiet, well I've been struggling to find people with time to walk with me.

But I bumped into a couple whilst I was out running on the section of the round that is very close to my home  (I talk to a any random strangers on my runs as I so rarely see anyone!) and they told me there was a new book out for 2017 and a Facebook group where you can find walking partners, and I was re-motivated.

But fortunately so was one of my friends to come with me, with children in tow.

This is really close to where I live and is a very 'English' area.  Lots of large houses and country churches, and whilst it is a very high area with fanstastic views, this 9 miles had no real hills to climb.   You start high and stay high.

We started in Bruntingthorpe.

Through Peatling Magna and Willoughby Waterleys.

Past the happiest tractor in the world ever

Along side the motorway for a while, which wasn't as unpleasant as I thought it might be.
Over the motorway, a first for me on foot, so again I was happy.

And back into the tranquil country to Dunton Bassett.

The beautiful village of Leire (be aware there is a mistake in the new book on page 78 as you are going into Leire you need to turn left on to the path with stiles, not right, it left us a little lost and confused for a while!)

 and finally onto Frolesworth.

It was a scorching day considering how early in the year it was and 9 miles is a long way for 8 year old legs so it took us a lot longer than I expected but it was a really pleasant walk.

I've walked part of it before whilst geocaching around Willoughy, there is a good circular geocache route there.  A lovely part of the county.


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