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>>  Friday, January 27, 2017

 So having had enough of the RSPCA, we went to a Pets at Home store and took home one of their 'adopt a pet' rabbits.  They are the preloved/unloved pets that their first owners couldn't keep or the ones the store can't sell.  Jack-Dexter-Dexter-Jack-Whatever came as a  neutered boy called Tiger.

I have yet to take him to the vet for a check up so it's all to play for in the is he or isn't he stakes.

But Florence is neutered so I have 'safety net'

After a week of them living side by side in their cages I took them to neutral ground for a 'meet and greet'

The bathroom was the only place I could see we had where Florence hadn't spent much time, the floor was slippy which is good as they can't get their claws in hard if a fight starts and there are plenty of towels around to use to avoid teeth and claws if I needed to break up a fight.

After an initial sniff

They most tried to hump each other ...

Until Florence really got the hump and I called time.

Jack-Dexter-Dexter-Jack-Whatever (name has not yet been agreed on)  seemed fairly satisfied with his lot.

 The following days meet 2 was relocated to the hall with more toys.

After a bit of nipping they actually started playing

They had a good 90 minutes with each other and it was pretty event free.

So the signs are so far good that they might actually learn to get along.


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