Florence - even pimpiered hutch

>>  Monday, January 23, 2017

Is pimpier a thing? I doubt it. Anyhoo, you will recall Florence's already lovely hutch was pimped.

But the RSPCA were unimpressed: 2 floors,  a separate bedroom, 12 foot of pipe and 2 runs is not enough to allow the adoption of a second rabbit!  It's no wonder the animals stay in their shelters for as long as they do.

Anyway, I was left with intense guilt pangs so I invested in a longer wider hutch.

We bolted the large bedroom onto the side of it and, of course, attached the 12 foot of pipe and 2 runs.

Florence doesn't seem to be overly impressed, she still hangs around the same small parts of her more spacious arrangement.
I tried taking indoor pictures to show to the RSPCA how much extra room there is.
And not forgetting the extension.

But to be honest they hacked me off sufficiently with so much red tape and delay tactics that I didn't really want to go back to them at all.

But you can't leave a hutch empty can you?!


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