Winter Camp 2017

>>  Wednesday, February 01, 2017

 If the car is full of kit it must be time for another camp.

All of my Rangers that had said they were going dropped out but the other unit we sometimes join up with had plenty going.  So onwards into the cold it was.
 I love arriving at the camp site earlier than everyone else and setting up alone.

Walking backwards and forwards up the hill with kit.
 setting up my bed
 Putting up the flag

I know setting up is something the girls should do but on a school day in January they will arrive after dark and some of these jobs are much easier done in the light.
 I love watching the sun starting to go down.

 I started the fire as it set.

One match.
 My bush craft training paid off well.
 I lit a fire that stayed lit.
 All night
 It was a cold but lovely night, great to be with other leaders, the girls that messed around so much last year had matured lots, the new younger girls are lovely and it's a real rest to get away from home and freeze for a while!

The hardest part of short muddy camps is the clean up and pack away, and I always do it before I allow myself a sit down.  Get it cleared and it is done.

Till the next one!


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