Florence II

>>  Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Florence's cage is ok in terms of can stretch up and hop a bit but I was worried that she was only getting to her run when I could put her in it.

So I got her a pipe.

To come and go as she pleases.

I still think this run is too small.
But for now she has discovered the stairs.

and I try to give her at least an hour a day in home to have a good run around.

Up and down, up and down.  She follows us around the house.
Florence loves CookingFat and follows her everywhere. CookingFat is tolerating her fairly well.

FatCat is not and cannot be trusted to be in the house with her.

Florence thanks CookingFat's kindness by taking liberties.
and taking the mickey.

Followed by taking further liberties.

No cat toy is safe.

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