Christmas Candy-Cane Mice

>>  Friday, December 02, 2016

You need:

Black pens/Googly eyes

Cut out body and ears from felt

Cut 2 small vertical slits in head end of body and thread eyes through

Cut 2 small horizontal slits midway in the body

(If you fold the felt in half the opposite way to where you are making the cuts you can just do a small snip and you have your slit - I watched brownies trying to poke scissors through the material and cut slits with it flat)

Thread the candy-cane through the slits in the body and  the ears on the back of the body

Fiddle the ears into shape and add eyes

I drew a quick nose but maybe you could add a little felt nose and some different coloured felt inner ears.

I liked my realistic mouse colour but the brownies made them in many bright colours and they looked lovely.


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