Florence - the pimp my hutch edition

>>  Saturday, December 10, 2016

Bunny is growing.  Bunny was refusing to sleep in her bedroom and was displaying her dissatisfaction by constantly emptying anything I put in there all over the rest of her hutch, upstairs and down and throwing her litter tray around until she blocked her stairs.

So Cog's father gave her an upgrade,  a bedroom twice the size and still in keeping with the rest of the hutch.  She is much happier and now sleeps in there. Snuggly.

Not to be out done, Cog's step-father upgraded the run.

This is better because with the long dark winter nights upon us, I've not been bringing her in home for a run around.

I doubt we will let the garden look like this all summer and that we will turn it into less of an eye sore but for now it is at least giving her plenty of hop around.

She loves it.


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