Meet Florence

>>  Wednesday, October 26, 2016

 Florence is rather cute

And became a member of the family towards the end of Summer to give Cog something else to focus on.

To be honest I never really expected the whole "you need to be looking after her" thing to last so I needed to be sure I was good for another mouth to feed and trouble to clear up after.

 But wabbits are pretty cool pets.

 They are playful and curious and like company.

 Did I mention cute?!

Even HWMBOd sat cuddling her on the night of the dreadful storms.

 She went to the vets for her jabs.

She took to her hutch litter tray like a duck to water.

And started to use the cat litter tray (which the cats never do) as soon as she came into the house.

She's a keeper!!!


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