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>>  Monday, October 31, 2016

18 is a jolly important number to become and there should be appropriate celebration.  But what happens when that celebration happens dead centre of a difficult time and friends and food are core to those difficulties?

I reached out to an old friend of mine who runs a cake business and we came up with the idea of pushy-pops. Small individual cakes that would look different and not create any anxiety with being presented with a big cake you were expected to take a slice of.  My friend took the order at very short notice and did a postal delivery half way up the country, she's a keeper.

They arrived bang on time.

How to present them was the next challenge.

HWMBO'd was despatched to find smarties whilst I mustered as many milk bottles together as I had.  HWMBO'd returned home with one packet of pink smarties and was immediately sent out again with a "you can not be serious".

But a more successful second trip and glass mirror later and I was happy we had something different but still special.

I was just about to sit smuggly on my laurels when I realised I had nothing to put candles into.

After momentary panic, the playdough penny dropped - you can make it in 5 minutes. I've always made my own.  But these days I only have proper baking ingredients not cheap food colouring and it came out intensely pink.

So a made a plain batch and kneaded in some of the bright pink and pastel pink playdough was a-go-go.

Yes, ok, my modelling skills are not award winning but we did have candles!

And at the end of the day all that matters is the smile they created.

She ate cake, something she had been worrying about.  I think it might be a while until she does it again but she ate her birthday cake and her long term memory will be "I had birthday candles and a cake and we ate it"   - this will be a happy memory not a stress filled one.

No doubt it will be a while before she will eat cake again or smarties ever but I'm dutifully doing my best to ease the food mountain!

And bless Heidi-ho for helping us through what could have been a very hard moment.


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