Cutty Sark, Greenwich and Uncle Jack

>>  Tuesday, September 06, 2016

 So I finally managed to get Cog out for a day.

It was a trial, and considering how often we used to pop to London together for no reason other than 'just because', it's a shame.  But we made it.

 It was a hot day so I decided we should head to Greenwich which is always pleasant when the sun shines.

And how much fun is the DLR out to there?! Parts feel like a roller coaster with the single track, rails and driverless front carriage - a lovely ride through Canary Wharf.

We went on the Cutty Sark.

 This kind of thing interests me a whole lot more than Cog so it was anybody's guess how long I had before the first eye roll.
 But I got a good look around and in fairness you probably would be pushed to spend more than 90 minutes here even with a  keen teenager in tow!

We (tried to) eat lunch near the  Painted Hall, had a brief wander in there (another place I could spend a long time and Cog could not). Had a  pit stop in the maritime museum and headed up the hill to the observatory.

There was no way I was going to get her in there, one for me another day, but the view was worth the walk.

We headed back down the hill.  Took the roller coaster back to town, because we both thought it was more fun than the clipper we would usually take, and went to visit Uncle Jack Wills and the rest of the people I pay my wages direct to on Carnaby street.

After much hand holding, tears and trials we managed something to eat in a Bella Pasta and headed home.

It was an envelope push for Cog and a day of patience to the point of hands in head holding for me but we made it and it is one more positive score for this atrocious journey we are currently on.


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