It's not the problem, It's the support

>>  Thursday, September 01, 2016

With the right support I think most of us are capable of anything.

Some of what I have been dealing with at home seems like an impossible mountain to climb and I have been failing regularly.

But on camp I had a day that started with taking one Ranger to the onsite GP, had managing a different emotional Ranger and emotional parent of emotional Ranger, dealing with another set of emotional Rangers and it included yet another Ranger going off in an ambulance at 3am, and me staying up through the sunrise to resolve to a successful conclusion all the emotional happenings.

And just for once I got it right.

At about 2am I seriously wondered whether I could do it.  But by my side were 3 Scouters and 3 Guiders.  Some of them were there because of their roles at the time.  One Scouter was there 'because' - I still don't know who he was, but I am so utterly grateful for his steadfastness.  One Guider was my County Commissioner, who I have hacked off previously more than once.  She was also there 'because'.  She didn't need to be, and I don't recall she did anything 'practical' at the time, there was nothing for her to 'do', but she was there.

And because of those people making me feel ok and supported, I was able to do exactly what I needed to do.

Another Guider who knew the Ranger well went to the hospital with her, meaning I could stay and mop up the emotion of the others, be there for them, and sort out everything else that needed to be done to resolve the situation.

What an incredibly long day with so much 'stuff' but it all ended fine and with me still with intact nerves.

But it proved to me that no matter how large those storm clouds, with the right team and the right support, things can be managed well.

Just for once, I did ok.


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