43rd Birthday

>>  Monday, July 25, 2016

This year I have decided to be 43.

I change my age each year but rarely in the manner that most people do.  I find the more common approach really limiting.

For years I've had a mental block about my age.  It started when I was 25, on my next birthday I discovered I was 27.  I'd lost a year.  I had honestly thought I was 25 and I missed a whole year of 26 without realising.  At that point I fell out with the numbers and have been unable to retain the real number at all.  I mostly have to use an online age calculator if it seems necessary to work out with any accuracy the truth.  But the truth matters not, this year I will be 43.

I started and ended the day in a rather delightful way - that'd be with a scone.

 A walk in my favourite place.
 Oh, I squeezed a scone in the middle too!
 There were groups of teenagers all over the place playing PokemonGo.

I was rather impressed to see so many out and about.

I wonder how old these trees are.

I wonder if they hide a few of their rings when anyone asks?!


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