Evening Walk

>>  Friday, July 29, 2016

 I had a lovely walk one evening of the few hot days.

Shadows were long.
 But the people were out in force, can you see the group of 20+ walkers behind me?  I was walking the path in front of them, yes it is not very well marked but I do know where I am going around here.  But did they trust to follow me? They were maps out every 100 yards!!!
 I lost them at this point, I don't think they believed it was the path!
 This is one of the worst parks of this walk, it's the fly tippers paradise near a power station, but the setting sun even managed to make this dump seem nice.
 But parts of the walk truly are lovely.

And sometimes the beauty is there if you get down on your hands and knees to find it.

 I didn't get home until after the sun had long gone but it was chicken soup for the soul.


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