Personality disorder of psychopathic type

>>  Friday, May 13, 2016

When I was 14 Colin Pitchfork killed 15 year old Lynda Mann.

When I was 17 he killed 15-year-old girl, Dawn Ashworth.

And now Cog is 17 and he is being moved to an Open Prison.

It feels liked that life sentence passed by incredibly quickly.  Whilst serving his reduced 28 years "he has been described as a model prisoner who has educated himself to degree level and become an expert in transcribing music into Braille." - there's lovely then - whilst Dawn and Lynda in the same time did not get a chance to fulfil their potential.

The investigation into these murders is historically important as it was the first that used DNA finger printing to identify the murderer.  Although he managed to avoid being caught by forging a passport and sending someone else to give his blood sample.  But in the way of the best crime stories, an overheard discussion in a pub gave him away.  

After he killed Dawn, before he was caught, he attacked another girl, she managed to get away.

And soon he will be free in the community again.  Whose community, yours?  Mine?  Which teenage girl will be the one too many that takes him back to the man described as "personality disorder of psychopathic type accompanied by serious psycho sexual pathology"

Did we learn nothing from the senseless death of Sarah Payne? 

What was Colin Pitchfork expected to do whilst in prison for 28 years: write a book about how how couldn't wait to get out and murder again?  Of course some one might take on fresh education, learn the arts, even put those new skills to good use but does learning change the way someone thinks about sex.  And a 55 year old would hardly be considered to be at the end of their sexual life or their physical ability to brutality rape then beat a teenage girl to death.

So I guess the worry of a parent increases and I keep having stark rush backs to my father's voice saying "be careful, there is a killer out there" and my friend who was picked up by the police late one night whilst walking home and given a lift home for no reason other than "it's not safe here at this time".

I know there is always risk, I know there is always bad people out there but do we have to add another known one back onto the streets?  I guess by law we do, but it must be so hard for Dawn and Lynda's families.

But then keeping a killer locked up for ever doesn't help either.  Keith Bennett's mother was never given any peace right until the day she died.


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