>>  Wednesday, May 18, 2016

 At least one of the tents we are borrowing for the big summer camp is a bit leaky, we just weren't sure which one.

So we had the loan of a garden of an hour to get them up, seams painted with water proofer, dried and down again.

 Not so easy when the space could only hold 2 of the 3 tents at any one time and we were only given an hour to do it.

But these girls are pros, a lot of them came through the same Guide unit and those leaders trained them very well indeed.

 Sadly the rain came just as the last one was drying.  so we pushed it into the back of my car and left the garden owner (my district commissioner and Ranger mum)  free to get on with her life i.e. go and fetch the Ranger from her DofE expedition.

Yes, she lent us her garden and put up tents with us even though her daughter wasn't there (which is such a gargantuan step away from the parent that complained bitterly that I was making her daughter's ranger experience miserable because I was asking them to waterproof the tents - nawt so queer as folk.)

 So home it came
But being as HWMBO was fast asleep after a red eye long haul flight and Cog had disappeared into school work...
...I packed it away all on my very own.

God help them when they try to untangle the guys but hey, at least it went in the bag!!

I suspect the other 2 tents need to come back out for a 'just to be sure' drying  Can't wait for the next sunny weekend, as you all go "yey, sun lounger and bbq" I'll be going "yey, tents out then"



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