Point to Point

>>  Monday, May 09, 2016

 The gleaming car park said it all, the Fernie point-to-point was in town (well village really).  Well that and the amount of green wellies, furry head bands and hampers.
 It was a really lovely afternoon, watching the horses race.
 Across the fields.
 The riders didn't all make it but we only saw one horse being bandaged up, so all was good then!
 There was the whole paddock and betting thing happening, none of which has ever made the slightest bit of sense to me.
 Lots of names and numbers read out over the tannoy.   I may as well have been listening to the shipping forecast but there is something quite soothing and thoroughly British about about it all.

We walked up and down the hill from paddock to 'track' and drank cups of tea rather.
And to top it off we even got to sit in the car with the rain pattering on the windscreen whilst still watching.

It doesn't get any more British May Day than that!


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