Running on Empty

>>  Tuesday, March 01, 2016

I think it's been a while since a talked about home.

I know I hadn't mentioned that Cog had a puppy for Christmas. He lives with her Dad.  He's getting to be a big boy now and can go for walks.

We went pottery painting in the half term, it's been a while since we took time out to do something like this.

Can you see Cog's arm is still bandaged up.  It's 10 months now since she broke her arm.  The wound still isn't healed.  I'm getting no useful help from any health professionals except my local chemist (in bandage supplies).
The stress of the accident seems to have upset Cog significantly enough that she stopped eating normally, this has become a bad habit gone dreadful and she is now so underweight I am frightened for her.  Again we are getting limited help from any health professionals.

This was the first time I managed to get her out for a meal in months.  She was so proud of herself for managing to go (and eat) and then she refused to eat for 2 days afterwards.

She knows she is ill and is trying (or so she claims) but it isn't enough.  This is not going to end well from what I can see at the moment.

School decisions about dropping subjects next year have been taken based on mental well being rather than academic hopes.  I hope it helps her, I really do.

Looking after her has become akin to looking after a toddler again, so my opportunities to be with myself over the fields are few. And my own health is suffering.

On the upside the skin cancer clinic told me I have senile warts.  This is a good thing.

On the downside my knee refuses to stop hurting despite me throwing considerable sums of money at the best sports injury consultant money can buy around here.

On the upside my favourite flower insists on cheering me up every which way I turn.

From behind the walls of stress, unhappiness and worry there is hope.

I have nothing else left.


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