Chocolate Games Night

>>  Saturday, March 05, 2016

Chocolate is very important in the Ranger calender (i.e. every week)

One of our Rangers ran a chocolate fun night.

She started with a paper based guess the chocolate quiz and then moved on to get the jaffa cake forehead to mouth without using your hands.  This would normally be done with an After Eight Mint for full chocolate face impact but the shop had run out.  But Brownie points to our Ranger for deciding to forge ahead regardless with jaffa cakes.  Working out how to manage with forced plan changes is a great leadership skill to develop.

She also did a relay race of moving M&Ms by colour with straws.

And the final game was a blow a malteser in the air off pursed lips and then open your mouth as it comes down to eat it. (The choke hazard with this left me slightly concerned but I was ready to backslap)

Nights like this are great, I don't have to sort a thing.  The Ranger running it is adding to her leadership octant and the girls taking part have a ball.  Win-win-win.

I was mostly rubbish and lost at all the games, but I did take myself off into the corner and practise jaffa cake skills until I was starting to get somewhere.  I feel that this is a life skill that will come into use at some point in the future!

As always, I can't show you the pictures and videos of them having a great night, the laughing was a joy to hear, but I can show you my personal triumph (excuse the straw in the camera, I've no idea why I was still holding it!):



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