Napkin Rose Baskets

>>  Thursday, March 10, 2016

These rose baskets are made out of a cheap paper napkin and are surprisingly sturdy and easy to make.

I think they'd make a lovely place marker for pack holiday or a mothers day extra to go with a card.

Start with a single thickness square napkin opened out.
Fold each corner to the centre.
Now you have a smaller square.
Repeat folding all four corners to the centre a second time.
To make a smaller square again.
And repeat folding all four corners into the centre for the third time

You may find you need to hold them down now or they will open back as you take your hand away.

All your folding is now underneath
Fold all 4 corners into the centre.
hold them down whilst you


and place it over a cylinder of some sort (I used a  glass)
Pull back each flap.

You have to be quite forcefull and pull them right back on themselves.

Pull down the next layer the same
And repeat with the final layer, be more gentle with this last layer.
Pull up the highest, thickest petals a bit and you will see the flower form a better shape.

I think they look very rose like.
I tried a Christmas napkin, it went just as well and the smaller cheaper feeling napkin actually made a better shape.  I think this would look nice with truffles in.

This should be very easy for Rangers and Guides, a little bit more fiddly for brownies but possible with some patience.

Have fun.


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