Muddy and Chippy

>>  Saturday, March 12, 2016

 The day after the heaviest rain and flooding we've had around here all year it was the Brownie annual chip and wellie walk.

The fields were sodden and the brownies loved it. Queuing up for every big puddle and racing onto the next
 Or staying a bit longer for depth measuring.

A few puddles went over the top of the wellies.  And a few brownies (and one leader) went head over heels completely and were very muddy indeed.

 But what's not to love about mud.
 It's so good for the girls to get out and about.  Although the woods are very close to us, some of them only come up here with us.
 And I can't imagine even those that do walk over with their families get to puddle splash by torch light.

I also led them into the part of the wood I know is the muddiest bit, it was deeper than their wellies and one sat down in it!!  Luckily her mum did not mind at all.

What a lovely way to spend an evening.

With chips only adding to the excitement.

WiseOwl is finishing soon as well as another leader that has also been there a long time.  I feel really sad that each of these things we are doing now are 'lasts'.  I've been helping at this Brownie unit for nearly 18 years, I don't know if it will stay open or if it does whether I will be as welcome to pop in and out as I do.  Even if I did it won't feel the same.

Times they are a changing.


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