Dairy Free Yorkshire Puddings

>>  Friday, November 06, 2015

Cog has developed an intolerance to dairy. 

She's doing very well with the changes to her diet and I actually think she is eating better (cleaner) as a result. Her fresh fruit and veg intake is definitely up.

But she was devastated at the thought of no Yorkshire with Sunday dinner, so I tried a dairy free recipe.  
This new recipe uses different proportions to the 'normal' 100gflour/280ml milk/1 egg that has been my main stay batter mix forever.

Dairy free batter mix

80g Plain Flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 medium egg
125ml unsweetened soya milk
salt and pepper
oil for cooking 

Mix the whole lot up and really aerate well whether that is with a whisk or like me, with an old tupperware batter shaker.

The cooking method is the same as 'normal' batter:

Preheat the oven to 220ºC/425ºF/Gas Mark 7. Once it’s up to temperature heat the oil in your baking tray for about 5 minutes until it is really hot. bring the tray out of the oven and pour in the mix, oput it back for about 20 minutes (but that really depends on the pan you use and the size of the puddings you make)

I think you grow into a yorkshire pudding tray - which ever size you choose you learn how it cooks and then you know over a few goes how long they really need.

I was worried about how this new recipe would rise, being a thicker mix, so for the first attempt I put it in cupcake tins rather than the muffin size I normally make.

They cooked very well.  Another time I will try a bigger tin and see if I can get them to rise and stay risen in the same way.

My normal yorkshire have a tendency to flop and be a bit stodgy - I rather like them like that though - these were lighter but still had substance in there.

They look very crispy but they weren't, I was surprised by the golden colour but not being hard, perhaps that is the soya.

I prefer yorkshire sweet to savoury, these still worked well with chocolate spread (for me not Cog!) and golden syrup.

I cooked 11 and only 1 sad and small fella remained so overall I'll give these a thumbs up.

I'm up for trying a full sized Toad in the Hole with this recipe - I think it will work.

Cog and I are on a new baking learning curve, it's actually a fun challenge and the label reading of everything we buy has been a real eye opener.  Try it one time.


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