Changing seasons

>>  Sunday, November 08, 2015

 The summer tan line has gone and the winter one has set in.
 We had new additions to the family.  The fish are breeding like it's spring.

The cat is happy to stay in and be with me more now the darker nights are drawing in.  I just wish she could be with me in a little less central way.

We have had some lovely days.

And very foggy nights: the Ranger penny and chip walk was a particular pea souper of an evening.  But it didn't deter them.

I have now been out for a total of 10 nights running with different events.  And for once not just Guiding.

Gwen Dickey made a good night out a great one.

David Hasslehoff took cheesy to a whole new and surprisingly enjoyable level.

And I still have to walk 500 miles with the Proclaimers and numerous Guiding things to go before a single evening in is in sight!

I suspect my writing will be light weight for a while until I stop having a life again!


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