Night Hike

>>  Sunday, October 04, 2015

The latest adventure for our Ranger unit was a night hike.

It was at night. Definitely.

It may not have been a hike.  It was 10k.  But is was a good start into the idea and the girls really enjoyed it.

 The weather was superbly kind to us.  Perfect for walking.  Dry, no wind at all and just a little cool.  And a huge bright, full moon.

We really didn't need torches.
 Although the girls felt they did!!

I honestly could see more without the torch as my eyes adjusted and I could see all around me, whereas with a torch I could only see in the pool of light it made.

Although we definitely needed torches in the tunnels we walked through.

Don't be fooled by the flash of my camera in this picture.  It was pitch black.  We did get them to turn their torches off for a short time and they really didn't like it at all!

But they were never quiet.  There must have been a mountain of wildlife watching us as we walked.  I didn't see a single thing.  I wonder why:


 And even less quiet!

We walked to a Guide hall where we had cake, hot chocolate and smores and slept over.  A cooked breakfast then home.  It was a really good fun night for us all.


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