Octant Beetle - 2nd Edition

>>  Friday, October 09, 2015

You may recall we played Octant Beetle before and the Rangers asked to play it again this term.  I was pleased as it is an opportunity to go over the Look Wider Program.  But I felt the last time we played it, it got a bit swallowed up in Rangers asking whether they could use this or that for their own Look Wider journey and I felt it got bogged down a bit. So I decided to approach it a new way:

I started by drawing the usual octant chart and getting them to add the categories.

Community Action
Fit for life
Independent Living
Out Of Doors
Personal Values

Then I drew a second one and labelled it 'Park it'.

I explained that the idea was to fill in as many ideas as they could on the look wider chart but if anyone asked  'can I' questions I would write them straight onto 'Park It' and we would come back to them later.

My example was 'go to the moon' could be used for a phase 3 out of doors or if they went alone maybe Independent living!!!

I told them to think outside of the box if they could.

They did a Beetle chart.

They had access to a lot of sweets and biscuits!
I gave them all chop sticks and an oversized dice.

I think the large dice and chop sticks make a difference because it makes it different.  The chopsticks helps them learn a new skill, so they are phase 1 internationalling whilst playing and  I also think the chop sticks help with hygiene as they take the sweets and biscuits out of the packets using them.

When they threw a number they could get something for (standard beetle rules e.g. you can't had a head until you have a body etc) they had to write something on the chart, anything, to be able to get the biscuit or sweet.  I didn't question whether what they wrote was right or wrong, or even what it was, they just filled it in.  They started to talk amongst themselves about what qualified as what but I didn't get involved at all.

And only twice I needed to write anything on 'park it'.

They got on with playing and they enjoyed it.  Much more than last time I think.

At the end of the evening I quickly ran through what they had written down and only one thing got a straight 'no, you can't use that' everything else was ok on it somewhere even if it was in the wrong level, which we discussed.

They did well.

They do really enjoy just playing but I think it's a bonus if that can pull in 'with a purpose' at the same time.


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