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>>  Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I've had a lovely evening at Brownies this week. We went geocaching.

I pootled off into the fields with a six, one of whom had just come up from Rainbows.  Rainbows, I have re-learnt, cannot stop talking.

We were going great guns, finding the ones we were supposed to.

Although the brownies were struggling with the concept of "wait for me" and "don't go into the next field until I get there"

It was about this point I got a phone call from Wise Owl saying "I think you've gone too far, you're a field over from where you should be"  Ahhhh blessed be the bright red uniform after all!

It was a nice night and it's good for the girls to run free in the fields, so I took them over just one more field to another geocache and then came back down the green lane with lovely views over our village.  We talked about the way markers and cows and when it is safe to be in the fields with them and when it isn't.  It's a good lesson for these girls.  And we got back in time, just!  Bet they slept well though.

If one evening of littlier people than Rangers was not enough, I had volunteered to help out one of my Rangers Rainbow activity days.  She was organising it to help her complete her Adult Leaders Qualification and as part of her Queen's Guide.

Now, Rainbows generally scare the nellies off me. They are very small with a tendency to cry if I use any one of my stock phrases like "what part of no are you confused about?" whilst giving my best Paddington Bear stare.

But I behaved and stayed smiley.  I even managed to not give the dairy free child dairy.  Look, anyone that knows me knows I cannot be trusted with that sort of responsibility 100%!!!

But they all decorated cakes happily, with clean hands and appropriate intolerances tolerated and I was even jolly and patient through the 'extension activity'.

The sweets were diligently counted per head without hassle and every rainbow made a cake of absolute 'rainbow tried hardest' standard.  I used the phrase "oooh that's lovely"  ever such a lot (whilst wondering how Gordon Ramsey would have worded it!!)

The table remained organised and clean throughout.

And as the last of 60 girls finished I looked down and realised most of it was on me!

It was a lovely way to spent an afternoon, so maybe I do like Rainbows after all.....I just couldn't eat a whole one!!

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