A Brownie Sleepover

>>  Sunday, October 11, 2015

 If it's a weekend it must be another Guiding residential.  This was the 4th one in 7 weeks!

This time it was the Brownies turn and very much a just turn up and  help affair,  so much easier than being in charge and having all the paper work too.

It's been a while since we took the brownies away so a one night sleepover is a nice way to get them ready for the 2 night pack holiday we are planning in the early spring.
 It helps them learn about what bedding is comfy, what works and what doesn't.  Although that's a never ending journey I think - the number of different types of floor mats and blow ups I have in my cupboard as I have upgraded over and over is quite astonishing!
 They learn about having to label their things, to keep them in the right place and the importance of following instructions.  24 girls can't dive off to the small bathroom all at once, they have to go in the 'shifts' they are given.
 They didn't struggle too much with the eating cake and drinking juice lessons!
 The activities were simple and fun and they really enjoyed them selves.  They had afternoon tea (just like the Queen would.)

They designed fairground rides and made them up out of junk.  Most of them were working models too. Fabulous pirate ships, log flumes and dodgems.

 They designed paper airplanes and tested them.

Some one was having a great sticker on your back time.

They sewed badges earned onto their blankets.

The beautiful new brownie yellow ones are so bright and lovely.  I fear they won't make it to the end of guides without being black though, some badge transferring to be done I think!

We had a lovely time despite the brownies not being prepared to play the 'go to sleep' game and also not understanding the 'don't get up before 7:30' game rules.  Somewhere between 3am and 5:30am some of them slept.

I'm pooped and glad that's the last of my residentials until winter camp.


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