Queen's Cake

>>  Saturday, September 12, 2015

 For the first time in a long time, I went to London in the car.

It was a pleasant hassle free journey, if rather static at times.  But I had lovely company and no great plans.
 A visit to Buckingham Palace with my mum and Aunt.

I wandered around with them for quite a while but then gave up waiting and went through at my own pace.  It's a lovely place to visit and the main display changes every year.  This year was the state dinner.  So many place settings, all so perfect.  To work there you must have to have the ultimate attention for detail and care.

I think the staff there are all amazingly trained.  They seem just perfect to me.  I bet it's very hard work and not very well paid.  But still, what a privilege.

I had tea and cake in the cafe whilst I waited for mum and aunt to come out and because it would have been rude not to, I did tea and cake all over again when they finally arrived.  Well why not, it's not everyday you get to eat the Queen's cake. And damned marvellous it was too.


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