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>>  Wednesday, September 09, 2015

I was trying really hard to work out whether 30 frozen sausages would be better than 24 normal and think about how many fat or thin sausages a fat or thin Ranger might eat but there was a very loud phone conversation happening behind me.

Not just the lady in the store being 'I'M ON THE PHONE' loud but also the person she was talking to was on loud speaker.

I looked at her, she was middle aged, looked middle class; and bizarrely wearing earphones whilst holding the phone away from her.  Shouldn't the earphones be channelling the voice from within?

I turned to her and said:

"Did you know the voice is on loudspeaker?"
"You realise we can all hear the voice on the phone?"
"Yes, what difference does it make? You can hear my voice anyway, so what difference does it make hearing the other one?"
"Well....it's just....... really irritating!"
"I don't care."
"Marvellous! You know that speaks volumes about you."

And I turned away with a sigh to recount sausages in my head and she walked off nonchalantly.

I walked back down a different aisle having decided tinned veg was probably more sensible for a camp than a bag of frozen (look..ok...I'm new to the camp catering lark!) and saw she was still on the phone but had turned off the speaker and was using it quietly with it clamped to her ear.  So maybe she did care.

I wondered why she didn't just say "ooops, sorry" and put the phone to her ear, why she had to first be so contrary?  Honestly! People can be soooooo touchy about being told that are just irritating, selfish beings........I wonder why?!


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